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The Von-Hamm Corporation

Inspired by a love of Hawaiian postage stamps, Conrad Von Hamm traveled from Bremen, Germany to Honolulu at the age of 20. Arriving in 1890, Von Hamm worked as a clerk for local businessman, Alexander Young. Eventually marrying the boss's daughter, Von Hamm formed a partnership with his father-in-law. The result of this partnership was the creation of the Von Hamm - Young Corporation.

The Von Hamm - Young Corporation provided Honolulu with a variety of home appliances, textiles and most notably - cars. The Von Hamm - Young building (1907), located on Kapiolani Boulevard near the Advertiser Building, was home to Buick, Nash and Studebaker automobiles as well as becoming Hawaii's first used car dealership.

National Cash Register

After the passing of his Father-in-Law, Alexander Young, Von Hamm inherited the family business, changing its name to 'The Hawaii Corporation'. Subsequently, after his own death in 1965, Von Hamm's legacy would end up in the courtrooms as part of Hawaii's first conglomeration to go bankrupt. His company was liquidated in the late 1970's with the Von-Hamm building meeting a similar fate.

Soon after, The National Cash Register Corporation (NCR), an Ohio based company purchased the Von Hamm - Young building for their Honolulu headquarters. It was at this point that architect Vladimir Ossipoff was hired to design a second phase of the building to sit alongside the original structure. The building remained with NCR Corporation until the late 1990's when AT&T, prompting the relocation of the business, acquired the company.

The Vanguard Lofts

Quietly entering the 21st century, the NCR Building was leased to local businesses as temporary office space, and it was for a time the campaign center for local politician (now Mayor) Mufi Hannemann. In 2004, the NCR building was purchased by local company, Cooke Clayton LLC, with the intention of creating a renovated office complex.

Plans changed when the buildings central location and unique history hinted at another idea. Inspired by the spacious design of Vladimir Ossipoff's second phase structure, Cooke Clayton LLC made plans to convert the NCR into loft condominiums.