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The Vanguard - Overhead
The Vanguard - Street Level

The Vanguard Lofts

720 Kapiolani Boulevard

Honolulu, HI 96813

Moving Forward

The Vanguard Lofts is the renovation and conversion of the old National Cash Register (NCR) office building into a modern mixed-use urban loft project.

The Vanguard Lofts features just 34 residential lofts as well as 3,616 square feet of ground floor retail, marking the first time such a conversion has been developed in Honolulu.

In addition to refurbishing the former NCR building, the Vanguard Lofts also includes a new six-story building that will connect to and be of equal height to the former NCR building.

As part of Kakaako and located in the heart of midtown Honolulu, The Vanguard Lofts symbolizes Hawaii's embracement of progressive modern living spaces while also honoring the heritage of a historic building's past.

Inspired by the original owner, Conrad Von Hamm and his entrepreneurial vision, as well as the subsequent owner, National Cash Register Co. and their commitment to innovation, The Vanguard Lofts is aptly named.

Discover more about the history of 720 Kapiolani and how Cooke Clayton LLC is refurbishing this historical building and complimenting it with a new adjoining six-story building creating a new and unique place within the Honolulu landscape.

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Leading By Example

Architect Vladimir Ossipoff, known for his many great contributions in shaping Hawaii's architectural diversity, is a central part of the Vanguard Lofts.

Trained in the Beaux Arts style of architecture, Ossipoff relocated to Hawaii in 1932, immediately finding work as head of the Theo Davies Home building department. He would later work with influential architect C.W. Dickey and Claude Stiehl until he began his own firm - Vladimir Ossipoff & Associates.

In the 1950's, Ossipoff was hired to expand the Von Hamm - Young building by adding an additional five story structure to the original space.

Today, this building is the centerpiece of The Vanguard Lofts, providing occupants with great views of the city and plenty of headroom.

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